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David Teich – lesenswerter Blog Donnerstag, 22. Juni 2006

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Ein amerikanischer Jude wandert nach Israel aus und schreibt ein Tagebuch im Netz. Über sich selbst, über seine Katzen und seine Einsamkeit, über seine Sicht der politischen Ereignisse etc. Eine authentische sympathische Quelle, um das Lebensgefühl in Israel aufzuspüren, finde ich. Einige Beispiele seiner scharfsinnigen Beobachtungen:

There’s a new play about Rachel Corrie. She’s the defender of terrorists who lay down in front of a large bulldozer and was surprised she couldn’t be seen, right untill the end (reminding me of the guy who, years ago, at the Concord Naval Weapons facility, lay down in front of a train and then sued because he lost an arm…). The play was co-written and directed with the help of „journalists“ from the Guardian.

Of course, there’s no play about the deaths of the Rachels who died in suicide bombings. As listed in the JPost: „Rachel Levy (17, blown up in a grocery store); Rachel Levi (19, shot while waiting for the bus); Rachel Gavish (killed with her husband, son and father while at home celebrating a Pessah meal); Rachel Charhi (blown up while sitting in a Tel Aviv cafe, leaving three young children); Rachel Shabo (murdered with her three sons aged 16, 13 and five, while at home).“ Then there’s Rachel Thayer (16, blown up in a pizza parlor). She fits today’s subject because she was a British citizen, yet her mother says they NOT ONE British journalist ever interviewed her about her daughter’s death. (Eintragung vom 25-April-2005)

To help you better understand Israel, today’s lesson is a typical example of marketing skills. I was at the grocery store and needed more beer. The six pack was 31.49. Singles were 4.99. Now, the concept of six and twelve packs (the later unknown here, since it’s not a beer drinking country) is to make it easy to grab plenty of one brand. Just like with bundles of anything else, you should get a quantity discount. That concept, however, seems to be a foreign one. (06-March-2005)

I walked over to check out dvds. There was nothing that really excited me, but I decided to get shwarma for dinner, as long as I was there. I’m tired of the pasta that I’ve been eating and, though I still have more sauce, wanted a break. Usually the guy has me pay when I’m done eating. However, after I sat down with the food and beer, he asked me to pay. I got up, paid and then returned to my table. No food. I saw the wrapper on the ground. Then I remembered the mutt I’d seen wandering around. I managed to put 2 and 2 together.

The guy laughed and gave me another shwarma. We both wondered how the dog liked the extra hot sauce I had him add. I hoped it had punished the dog, but not too much. The dog finished eating before I did, and he reappeared as I finished. Sadly, he didn’t seem any worse for the wear. Next time I watch my food a bit more closely. (17-February-2005)

Yesterday, when I was a vidiot, I was lying on the couch. Ghost was asleep on my chest and Star was asleep curled up under my arm. It was a cute scene. What was funny was good old Ghost’s fears. It was close to dinner time and I hadn’t eaten in a while. Suddenly my stomach let out a pretty big growl. Ghost jumped up with fear on her face, looking around to see who was attacking. Of course, my laughing didn’t help the cat’s self esteem, but it was hilarious. (31-January-2005)

Und von den neuesten Eintragungen:

Yesterday Israel blew up a couple of terrorists. Sadly, there were some civilian casualties, including a young girl. The Palestinians immediately cried „massacre!“ Fatah (Al Aqsa Martyr’s Brigade is Fatah) said it would declare war on Sderot. Considering that an average of two missiles a day have been fired at Sderot in the last year, what’s to declare? They spend a year specifically aiming rockets at civilians and claim that’s holy, but civilians killed while killing terrorists is somehow a massacre? Right…

A few days earlier, two Palestinians tried to kidnap two Jewish girls, and there was no condemnation from the Palestinians. One girl ran awy. The second, age 14, beat off her two attackers though she was hurt. It seems that when they’re not blowing themselves up or firing from hiding, Palestinians can’t even deal with a teenage Israeli. Sad sack scum! […] Meanwhile, today an American Jewish immigrant was arrested for trying to smuggle weapons into the country. He will be tried and probably convicted. Why? Because it’s charged that he wanted to use them to shoot Arabs. Yes, he’s arrested for only planning terror. When was a Palestinian arrested by Palestinians for performing terror acts? Oh, right, never. Rather, they’ve announced a formal war against „collaborators“, who will be accused, shot and killed without arrest or trial for the crime of wanting peace and an end to terrorism. (June 21st, 2006)

Back home, people are getting silly about the daily Kassam rockets. They’re a serious business, but there’s always room for lunacy. Today, the entire town of Sderot „went on strike“ in protest. Exactly who that affected other than themselves, nobody’s really sure. Meanwhile, in preparation for the strike, Nobel Prize Laureate Shimon Peres said „Kassams, shmasams!“ He also pointed out that the Northern Galilee town of Kiryat Shmona dealt with rockets from Lebanon and Syria for much longer and that the crying and whining, rather than the dealing with it, helps the enemy. I agree that what’s going on is not good, but Israel is reacting. We shouldn’t risk many soldiers‘ lives with what Sderot demands, massive action, since injuries have been minor. In addition, I know children are scared, but it’s only made worse by their parents‘ whining.

Much of what he said was correct, but he picked a really annoying way of saying it. That’s PR in Israel. (June 20th, 2006)


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