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Putins Interview mit der „Time“ vorab Donnerstag, 20. Dezember 2007

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Am 12.12.2007 hat Wladimir Putin der Zeitschrift „Time“ ein Interview gegönnt, ein riesiger Text. Das Interview ist noch nicht erschienen, aber ist komplett zu lesen (Link). So wird es in Russland heute gemacht. Darunter viele Perlen und sehr viel Selbstbewusstsein, z.B.:

QUESTION: You said that the large number of telephones on the boss’s desk is an old stereotype now. How much into technology are you personally? Do you use e-mail or Blackbury, and do you have your own blog, for example?

VLADIMIR PUTIN: To my great shame, I don’t use any of these things. I don’t even use the telephone. My staff does it all for me. They do it all very well and I am very envious of them.


Of Ukraine’s 45 million people, 17 million are ethnic Russians, and this is only according to official statistics. Almost 100 percent of people there consider Russian their native language, well, 80 percent perhaps. This is a country we are very close to and we sincerely want to see peace and tranquillity finally come to Ukraine and see them put in place the conditions for consistent development.

Und das Schönste:

QUESTION: And why was Mr Kasparov arrested, even for a short time? And why would you, Mr President, such a popular man, not allow the press and the opposition to proceed freely? In the American context, doing so would have made you even more popular.

VLADIMIR PUTIN: Why do you think Mr Kasparov was speaking English rather than Russian when he was detented? Did this not occur to you? I think that first and foremost his deeds were not aimed at his own people but rather at a Western audience. A person who works for an international audience can never be a leader in his own country. He should think of the interests of his own people and speak in their native language.

Noch Fragen?


2 Responses to “Putins Interview mit der „Time“ vorab”

  1. sibirjak Says:

    nu cto, pravil’no govorit?

    Die Übersetzung: Und, hat er etwa nicht recht?

  2. peet Says:

    Nein, hat er nicht. Seine interviews gibt Putin fast ausschliesslich nach Ausland, für seine Bürger hat er nicht so viel Respekt. So ist sein Kommentar zu Kasparov scheinheilig.

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