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Yossi Klein Halevi zum Nahostkonflikt Dienstag, 4. März 2008

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Ein sehr guter Artikel aus der Perspektive der Israelis (Link). Aktuelle Lage, die Entwicklung durch Jahrzehnte, Hoffnung auf Frieden, Enttäuschungen, gut geschrieben, sehr zu empfehlen. Der Text (vom 2.März) endet mit:

Gaza’s people are being held hostage to a political fantasy. And the international community is abetting the tragedy. The U.N. actually considers Palestinians to be permanent refugees, to be protected in squalid but subsidized camps even though they live in their own homeland of Gaza, under their own government.

So long as Gaza refuses to heal itself, Israelis will rightly suspect that the Palestinian goal remains Israel’s destruction. Not even a full withdrawal from the West Bank, they fear, will end the war, any more than the pullout from Gaza stopped the rockets. Israel’s crime isn’t occupying but existing.

And so we move toward the next terrible round of conflict. This time, though, for all our anguish, we will feel a lot less remorse. Because even guilty Israelis realize that, until our neighbors care more about building their state than undermining ours, the misery of Gaza will persist.


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