Kritische Auseinandersetzung mit den Medien

Obama hat verstanden Samstag, 10. Juli 2010

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… warum seine Umfragewerte runter sind, insbesondere in Israel. Nein, es geht nicht um seine Aussenpolitik oder konkret um seine Politik gegenüber Israel. Nein, es ist sein Vorname Hussein (ausführlich siehe bei Docstalk). Zwei Autoren bei „Commentary“ Jennifer Rubin und Patrik Wehner nehmen den weinerlichen Präsidenten auseinander. Alles Rassisten, er will doch nur das Beste.

These statements combine some of Obama’s worst traits: arrogance, condescension, and detachment from reality.

Obama regards himself much like a teacher who oversees a classroom of sometimes unruly, sometimes dim-witted children. His magnificence is sometimes hidden from them. And so it is left for America’s philosopher-king to explain — in simply, easy-to-understand words — why things are the way they are.

In this instance, the anxiety Israel feels toward for Obama is not rooted in his unwise policies or his disgraceful past treatment of the Israeli prime minister. No, the cause is Obama’s middle name.

In addition, Israelis are a bit too dull to see the miracles that have resulted from Barack the Great’s outreach to the “Muslim world.”

The truth is that whatever Obama’s outreach to the Muslim community is designed to do, it has — as Jen points out — been a complete failure. Israel’s wariness toward Obama is rooted in his pursuit of an agenda that is as harmful to Israel. But all of this is beyond the realm of comprehension for Obama. For him, it all comes down to his middle name. We have rarely, if ever, seen self-delusion on a scale quite like this.


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